Transparent Things

Transparent Things, Photo by Ximena Brunette

In Pablo Picasso’s Family of Saltimbanques (itinerant street performers), the subjects are standing in a quiet field brightly dressed in the costumes of their profession. Yet, at this moment, their stillness and pensive expressions speak of the uncertainty and fragile terms of existence they must accept in order to practice their art.

Though Picasso’s performers lived over 100 years ago, they are very like dancers today who have committed their lives to an art so ephemeral that it exists only when it is actually happening, and then vanishes before our eyes leaving only traces of their acts of devotion in the transparent realm of memory.

Though Picasso portrays his performers in a quietly reflective moment, one an be certain that when they appear in the town square tomorrow their performance will speak only of joy and the celebration of life.

Family of Saltimbanques

Pablo Picasso, “Family of Saltimbanques”

Transparent Things (2012)

Choreography: Lar Lubovitch

Music: Claude Debussy, “String Quartet in G Minor,” Opus 10

Costumes: Reid Bartelme

Lighting: Jack Mehler

Current Cast: Anthony Bocconi, Chanel DaSilva with Brett Perry

Robbie Moore, Ruth Howard with Barton Cowperthwaite

Original Cast: Attila Joey Csiki, Katarzyna Skarpetowska with Reed Luplau

Brian McGinnis, Laura Rutledge with Clifton Brown

Transparent Things premiered on November 14th, 2012 at the Florence Gould Hall in New York City, accompanied by the Bryant Park Quartet


Transparent Things was commissioned, in part, by lead commissioners Ronald E. Creamer Jr. & Min Kyoung Kim, and David Herro & Jay Franke, and by supporting commissioners Elysabeth Kleinhans and Bernard & Evelyn Tobin.
Choreography copyright © Lar Lubovitch 2012