A Brahms Symphony

A Brahms Symphony

A Brahms Symphony (1985)

Choreography: Lar Lubovitch

Music: Johannes Brahms, “Third Symphony”

Original Lighting Design (movs. 1-3): Craig Miller

Lighting Redesign: Clifton Taylor

Lighting Design (mov. 4): Clifton Taylor

Length: 38 minutes.

Number of dancers: 23.

Original Cast: Nancy Colahan, Rob Besserer, Douglas Varone, Christine Wright

Mia Babalis, Peggy Baker, Kathy Casey, John Gayger, Ronni Favors, Joel Luecht, Leonard Meek, Rick Michalek.

What the critics have to say:

“Dance passes by so quickly.  Here, it feels possessable.”  -J. Dunning, New York Times, 5/9/85.

“Mr. Lubovitch catches the music’s sumptuous sweetness and its poignancy in dance that, characteristically, sweeps on and off the stage almost without pause.”  -J. Dunning, New York Times, 5/9/85.

“Mr. Lubovitch has created dance so warm and sensuous and pretty he seems to have created a new category:  dance to bask in.”  -J. Dunning, New York Times, 5/9/85.

“A glorious ode to onrushing movement.  No one interested in passionate dance can afford to miss it.”  -A. Kisselgoff, New York Times, 5/10/85.

A Brahms Symphony (to the first three movements of Brahms’ Third, proved a powerful exposition of symphonic choreography, full of energy, pulse and invention.  Probably the best thing I have seen from Lubovitch, both in scope and power…”  -C. Barnes, New York Post, 5/14/85.

“The surging dynamics of the Brahms are fulfilled in the lush intensity of the dancing.”  -E. Lee, Durham Morning Herald, 2/7/86.

“The work’s structure consisted of the continuous inter-relatedness of the individuals and the group, often resulting in a kind of instant reminiscence of movement just gone by.”  -E. Lee, Durham Morning Herald, 2/7/86.

“A simply gorgeous, rich revelation of the power and spirit of dancing.  To the first three movements of Brahms’ Third Symphony, the company moved through different modes of movement, now connected in a nova of energy, now drifting into high, soft lifts and gentle curves.”  -E. Lee, Durham Morning Herald, 2/7/86.

“Mr. Lubovitch’s grandly passionate Brahms Symphony.”  -A. Kisselgoff, New York Times, 4/9/86.

“With the small but athletically poised company…the work’s swirling images of Romantic loss and heroism emerged with a bold visual vigor.”  -C. Barnes, New York Post, 11/22/86.

“A beautifully complex and haunting work for four soloists, plus an ensemble that flows across the stage like shadows.”  -B. Supree, Village Voice, 12/9/86.

A Brahms Symphony premiered on May 7th, 1985 at the City Center Theater in New York.