Classic Repertoire

Cavalcade (1980)

Cavalcade 80s, Jack Mitchell

“The total effect is so intensely joyful that it comes across like dance therapy.”

— H. Saal, Newsweek, 5/11/81.



Choreography: Lar Lubovitch

Music: Steve Reich, “Octet”

Original lighting design: Craig Miller

Lighting recreated: Clifton Taylor

A Brahms Symphony (1985)

A Brahms Symphony #2 -- Wri

“A powerful exposition of symphonic choreography, full of energy, pulse and invention.

Probably the best thing I have seen from Lubovitch, both in its scope and power.”

— C Barnes, New York Post, 5/14/85

Choreography: Lar Lubovitch

Music: Johannes Brahms, “Third Symphony”

Original lighting design (movs. 1-3): Craig Miller, recreated by Clifton Taylor

Lighting (mov. 4): Clifton Taylor

Concerto Six Twenty-Two (1986)

Concerto Six Twenty-Two

“Repeatedly, the new choreography produces new steps, new movement, new patterns, new twists on highly sophisticated formal structures — and all with a vibrantly alive human passion that emanates from the dancers at every moment. Why beat around the bush? The truth is that this is what dance is really about. “

— A. Kisselgoff, The New York Times, 4/9/86

Choreography: Lar Lubovitch

Music: W.A. Mozart

“Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra”

Original lighting design: Craig Miller

Lighting recreated: Clifton Taylor

Commissioned by: Centre National de Danse (Angers, France)

Fandango (1989)

Fandango #2 -- Lafortune and Babalis

“Can only be called a choreographic sensation. It is an extraordinary love duet full of sexual tension. But on another level, the piece is also something very different; a formal exploration of new ways in dance partnering.”

— A. Kisselgoff, The New York Times, 3/11/90

Choreography: Lar Lubovitch

Music: Maurice Ravel, “Bolero”

Original lighting design: Craig Miller

Lighting recreated: Clifton Taylor

So in Love (1994)

So in Love #4 -- Shields, S

“A superheated quintet of dances to Cole Porter, brought right up to date by the artists who recorded the songs as well as by choreographer Lar Lubovitch and his hip gang of dancers. Vibrant, humorous and surprisingly searing.”

— J. Berman, New York Newsday, 11/3/94

Choreography: Lar Lubovitch

Music: It’s All Right With Me (Tom Waits), In The Still Of The Night (Neville Brothers), From This Moment On (Jimmy Sommerville), Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye (Annie Lennox), and So In Love (k. d. lang)

Lighting: Clifton Taylor