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Lubovitch workshop at Skidmore 2011.

Lubovitch workshop at Skidmore 2011.

Many dancers dream of dancing Lar Lubovitch’s choreography on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House (see the article below about Lubovitch’s Othello). You can now follow your dream by studying directly with Lar Lubovitch and his dancers, but you must act fast.

From May 31 to June 20, 2015, the Lubovitch company will offer an intensive workshop for pre-professional and professional dancers at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. Led by Lar Lubovitch, the program will offer training in Technique (Modern & Ballet), Lubovitch Repertory, and Body Conditioning. Veteran Lubovitch dancers (Jonathan Alsberry, Jason McDole, Kate Skarpetowska and Ginger Thatcher) will teach daily classes. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy Skidmore’s facilities and Saratoga Springs, while training and performing under the guidance of these master teachers. On June 17th (during the residency), the company will perform at SPAC (the Saratoga Performing Arts Center), and students will have an opportunity to see the company perform three of the company’s newest works. College credit is available.

Click here to read Lar Lubovitch’s Letter to a Young Dancer. Here is how the Letter begins:

“I know who you are.

“You are the one amongst many who will make the leap from being a dance student to being a Dancer. You have existed for hundreds of years. You are part of a tradition that has been passed by hand from dancer to dancer to dancer. You have been living and breathing on the energy dreams are made of.

“It is a powerful source and there is nothing illusory about it. Trust it. Dreams have been the origin of all Art and the inspiration that has transformed impossible fantasies into verifiable realities.

“The puzzle for you now is how to actualize the dream, how to utilize the formidable energy of dreams which, by the way, is not a gift given to everyone. Amongst those to whom this gift has been given are fewer still who have the skill and courage to bring it out of one’s mind’s eye and into the visible world.

“I am glad to say that you will not be able to Google the answer you are looking for.”

Click here to read the rest of Lar Lubovitch’s Letter to a Young Dancer.

This residency is sponsored, in part, by the Harkness Foundation for Dance and the New York State Council on the Arts Dance Program.

There are just a few spaces left in the workshop.
The deadline is this weekend.

For more info and to enroll: click here.

Mucuy Bolles & Reid Bartelme.The Black Rose. Photo: Yi-Chun Wu.

The Black Rose, Mucuy Bolles & Reid Bartelme Photo: Yi-Chun Wu.


June 17–Saratoga Springs (NY)
June 20–Tivoli (NY)
Aug 25–Chicago (IL)

“Lar Lubovitch’s choreography is a
thrilling sight,
ravishing the eye,
telling stories both complicated and mysterious.”
The New Yorker

This summer the Lubovitch company will be performing in upstate New York at SPAC in Saratoga Springs on June 17th and at Kaatsbaan in Tivoli on June 20th. The company will perform in Chicago, IL, at the Harris Theater on Aug 25th. All 3 peformances will feature the company’s very newest dance,The Black Rose. The dance was inspired by the powerful, dark and elemental stories of mankind from ancient times that were lightened up bit-by-bit over the centuries, becoming “fairy tales” in the 1800’s, and then brightened even further in our time through “Disney-fication.” When the dance premiered in October, writers called Lubovitch’s The Black Rose a powerful “cinematic ballet that is both alluring and disturbing.” Writers found that it hit close to mankind’s primal hopes and fears, calling it appropriately “macabre,” “hallucinogenic,” “lustrous and evocative.” The female lead (Mucuy Bolles) was called “brilliant” and “gorgeous.” The male leads (Reid Bartelme and Barton Cowperthwaite) “were both outstanding” and “perfect.”

For a complete collection of full-length articles about The Black Rose: click here.
The performances in Saratoga Springs and Tivoli will also include encore performances of
Coltrane’s Favorite Things (set to John Coltrane Quartet’s live performance of Richard Rodgers’ “My Favorite Things”) and
Transparent Things (set to Claude Debussy’s “String Quartet in G Minor”).



Marcelo Gomes & Julie Kent off-stage at the artists' reception for Lar Lubovitch's Othello.Photo: Arkady Lvov.

Marcelo Gomes & Julie Kent off-stage at the artists’ reception for Lar Lubovitch’s Othello. Photo: Arkady Lvov.

Last week, American Ballet Theatre performed Lar Lubovitch’s Othello at the Metropolitan Opera House. The performances were greeted with standing ovations. Hailed as “a milestone in the history of dance in this country” by the San Francisco Examiner when the ballet debuted in 1997, Othello had not been seen in New York in more than 8 years. Othello was presented by ABT as one of the highlights of their 75th anniversary season. To mark the festive occasion, the Lubovitch company hosted a theater party with artists and friends, immediately following the performance.

Critics have described the dance as “stunning,” “electrifying” and “spectacular.” To see a brief clip of Lar Lubovitch’s Othello: click here.