2015/16 Season

Our core programming consists of (1) creating; (2) performing, and (3) teaching. Of the three, creating dance is by far the most important focus of our work. During 2015-16, we will engage in the following activities:

CREATING: During the past 47 years, we have created over 100 dances, which have deeply explored the human spirit – creating on average more than two new dances per year. In some years we have created only one major dance (such as our 3-act Othello in 1997), and in other years we have created three or more one-act dances. During 2015-16, our work will be weighted even more than normal toward creating. We will create two new dances. One will be a small, intimate, non-narrative piece, and the other will be a major two-act narrative dance in collaboration with the Mikhailovsky Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia. The first (smaller) of the two dances will grow out of experimentation by Lubovitch during the fall and winter of 2015. The contours of the second new dance are more definite. Because this dance is so major (and is being created in collaboration with another company), much planning and conceptual work has already taken place and will continue from now until studio rehearsals begin in March, leading up to the premiere in May 2016. The working title of this second new dance is The Bronze Horseman. The narrative dance is based on Alexander Pushkin’s famous poem of the same name, inspired by the statue of Peter the Great in St. Petersburg. The dance unfolds as a tragic love story, but it is also in a larger sense a reflection of the blessing and the curse of having a strong government. The dance will be set to the music of Reinhold Glière; with a score adapted and arranged by Jesse Limbacher. George Tsypin will design the sets.

PERFORMING: We generally perform several times a year in our home base of New York, and we tour annually (but with an emphasis on an alternating-year schedule for touring). During 2015-16, our principal NYC season will take place in 2016. We are currently in conversation with several venues, but we have not yet committed to a particular theater, since we want to be sure that the venue we choose is most appropriate for the new dances we will present. Over the years we have performed in an unusually wide range of spaces in the city, sometimes creating a theater out of an unconventional space, if that was most appropriate for the work. In 2015-16 we will be more focused on creation than on touring (under our alternating year model), so we have accepted only a few out-of-town engagements (such as Chicago in August 2015), and we will instead tour widely in the fall of 2016 with support that has already been awarded by the highly competitive National Dance Project. Another important way we disseminate our work is through our collaborations with other professional dance companies. We are a prime source for repertory enriching the entire dance world and will be restaging several of our works on other professional companies in 2015-16.

TEACHING: Teaching is an integral part of our mission, pursued through a range of educational initiatives intended to reach people of all ages, experience and backgrounds. These initiatives include access and outreach activities for the general public in conjunction with nearly all company performances, as well as specially-developed programs targeted to students at both the high school and collegiate/professional training levels. Programs at the high school level include “Lar’s Dance Your Dreams” (customized programs at 9 public high schools in all 5 boroughs of NYC), “Open Doors” (a mentoring program in which students have the opportunity to attend a series of live dance performances with Lar Lubovitch and then meet with him for post-performance discussions), and “Open Arms” (through which we provide free tickets to high school student groups for our NYC performances including a free weekday student matinee). Programs at the collegiate/professional training level include multi-week dancers’ intensives in both summer & winter for students from throughout the U.S.